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Giving Chance a Chance

Oil on Linen, 80 x 80 cm.

To hear the sea

Haddon Hall

A detail of all the unusual chaotic medieval structure from the tower to the flagstones in the corner of this famous courtyard. A winner of the Derbyshire County Council Award 2013. Colour pencil and pencil - 43 x 62 cm

Solid the Spaces

Sunrise hare Serving Trays from the Artist Collection at Jacqui Joseph Designs

Proudly made in the UK.


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 30x30cm


Pencil and colour pencil - 54 x 54 cm (60 x 60 cm with boarder)

Here in this Moment

Giclee print from original monotype. Image size 63 x 28 cm. Mounted.

Braving the Elements

Giclee print from original monotype. Image size 63 x 28 cm.

Phoenix Feathers

Unique Edition of 295 Image size - 18" x 37" Framed in silver with white slip

Xl Lace Tree

Unique Edition of 50 Image size - 35" x 48" Framed in silver with a white slip

Castle Of Serpents


Border Collie X Australian Stockdog portrait commissioned for a Cambridgeshire client. Colour pencil and pencil - 46 x 36 cm.

"Mae" Sculpture

A chic home isn't one full of museum-worthy bronzes, it's filled with sculptures that emulate them. Liberating! Textural poly-resin sculpture. Dimensions: 50(l) x 39(w) x 55(h)cm Leadtime: Now In Stock!

The Travellers

Oil on Linen, 100 x 100 cm.

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