Sunday, Mar 05, 2017
by Lindsey Bourret
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Carnival Creations: A Round-up of WonderStreet Artists

Bring out your feathers, masks and beads... today is the day people all over the world will celebrate Carnival. Our featured artists have all created pieces that encapsulate the vibrancy and vivacity of this special day.

In Carnival Time, St. Columb, artist Tom Henderson Smith depicts a scene from his Cornwall home. We particularly like the perspective of this piece - how the viewer's attention is directed to the top of the composition by the multi-colored bunting that flutters in the wind.

The piece Carnival Chandelier , which has been carefully curated by CharlotteRose Interiors really gives a room that old New Orleans vibe. The bold mixture of colors ensures that this light fixture would be the visual center of any interior space.

Painter Jan Thompson takes a more abstract approach in her Carnival Time. We think it looks a lot like a street strewn with confetti after the celebration.

Wherever you are and however you celebrate, we say "laissez le bon temps rouler" and have an inspiring week!

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