Monday, Feb 20, 2017
by Lindsey Bourret
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Children's Room Decor: A Round-up of Whimsical WonderStreet Artists

Whether you're ready to re-decorate your little one's special space or you're still waiting for your delivery from the stork, today's post features artists whose work would feature well in a child's room or nursery.

The literary prints of Peter Walters add the perfect amount of whimsy to a pint-sized reading nook. His piece Childhood Destinations really encapsulates the feeling of getting lost in a faraway adventure that a good book can provide. For only £30, your little dreamer can have an original work of art by the 2015 winner of the prestigious Gellet Burgess Children's Book Award.

Art enthusiasts young and old will appreciate the urban contemporary style of Kev Munday. Though his bold color palette and sophisticated street art aesthetic would have a place in any grown-up space, we think it would also be a great addition to a hip young girl or boy's room. His Squares Art Print is funky, fun and an absolute steal at only £29.

If you're thinking of going bigger, why not commission a mural from Anna Sterling. She paints a lot of woodland and jungle scenes, but we particularly enjoy this design, which really utilizes the unique architecture of the child's room. Anna is based in the UK and is available for commissions through WonderStreet.

To our WonderStreet artists and fans, we wish you all an inspiring week!

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