Sunday, Mar 05, 2017
by Lindsey Bourret
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Minimalist Black & White Photography: A Round-up of WonderStreet Artists

If you already have a lot of bright and beautiful paintings in your interior space, one way to balance out all of the colour is with a simple, but gorgeous, black and white photograph. Today, we're featuring three artists from the WonderStreet community who use the camera as their tool of the trade.

We really like the use of perspective in this photograph of fishermen on a pier by Monika Jakimauskaite. The horizontal boards of the pier contrast nicely with vertical street lamps and the angle of the fishing poles, creating a lot of visual interest without being overly busy.

Home to Roost is a somewhat softer piece by Andy Hough. We like the empty space at the top of the composition. It is very relaxing to the eyes and draws the viewer's attention to the understated subject of the photograph - the birds roosting in the tops of the trees. This is a very subtle piece.

As part of Giacomo Brunelli's "Eternal London" series, we really appreciate how Untitled (Horse Big Ben) presents an alternative view of the iconic clock tower. It provides a less obvious way to pay homage to the great city of London in your home.

Thanks for reading. Have an inspiring week!

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