Tuesday, Feb 07, 2017
by Lindsey Bourret
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Poultry Portraiture: A Weekly Round-Up of WonderStreet Artists

Today's menu du jour is chicken three ways! Three artists from our community, Vicky Palmer, Marta Kisiliczyk and Brian Williams, each take a unique approach to the same subject, showcasing the variety of styles that we have available in the birds category of our WonderStreet Art Gallery.

Vicky Palmer chooses her subjects from the barnyard and the hunt - photorealistic polo ponies, beagles and friendly bovines make up the majority of her models. When we look at her "Poultry Decision," two things that really stand out for us are how the composition moves off of the canvas and her use of negative grey space around the four feathery subjects.

Marta Kisiliczyk takes a more Impressionistic approach, with thick, visible brushstrokes and bold splashes of color. In this piece, it looks like she's actually applied paint with a palette knife to achieve a very interesting textured effect.

Brian Williams attended and now teaches at the Columbus School of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. His work has been published in magazines and online. His first book illustration project will be released this spring. His drawing, "The Chick," is an excellent example of his Surrealist work.

That's all for this weekly round-up... we hope that you have an inspiring week ahead!

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