Wednesday, Jun 14, 2017
by Olivier Jennes
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Welcome to the Wonderstreet blog

Tips, tricks and designers in the spotlight...

On this blog you will find tips and tricks to get the most out of Wonderstreet, and every month we will also place one of our designers in the spotlight in our Designer@Wonderstreet sessions. But lets first have a look at a few Wonderstreet basics.


What is Wonderstreet?

Wonderstreet is a unique and powerful platform for anyone who wants to sell any products or services, ask for a product or service, or simply share their passions for creative things.

How does Wonderstreet work?

Wonderstreet allows people to use images or words to ‘like’ and ‘request’ anything. Wonderstreet serves 3 different types of people - it benefits buyers, sellers and picture-owners. Wonderstreet users can be any one of those 3 user types at any time.

The benefit for buyers

As well as getting inspiration for jobs that they need doing or for things that they want to buy, buyers can post images (either their own or ones that they’ve found somewhere else) or write requests for anything they need. Relevant sellers can then deliver exactly what they’re after.

The benefit for sellers

Sellers can add pictures of anything that they want to advertise. They can showcase work and, if someone ‘requests’ something that a seller can deliver, then a seller can use the private messaging service to get in touch with that person and potentially arrange a transaction. With links to sellers’ websites and the ability to set up a Wonderstreet store, Wonderstreet is an exclusive, different and powerful marketing tool.

The benefit for picture-owners

Picture-owners hold the power at Wonderstreet - they can decide who can deliver the ‘requests’ created on their images. Plus, they can get details of those requests and the contact details of the potential buyers who created those requests, both for free. If picture-owners promote their pictures but can’t or won’t deliver a product or service from it, they can still earn commission from their pictures. If someone else delivers a ‘request’ from a picture, picture-owners can profit regardless of whether they were involved in the transaction or not. Once the buyer and the seller have agreed the terms of the project and it’s been completed, picture-owners will earn a commission.

What’s the difference between claiming a picture and adding a picture?

If a user ‘claims’ a picture, they’re telling Wonderstreet that either the image is theirs, or that they’ve got permission to use it on Wonderstreet. When we talk about adding a picture, we just mean that users can upload images to Wonderstreet. If a user has added a picture that they own it will go live and visible on Wonderstreet immediately. If a user has added a picture that belongs to someone else, or one that they’ve found on another website, it won’t go live until the owner has given us their permission and ‘claimed’ it.

What’s the difference between ‘likes’ and ‘requests’?

If a user ‘likes’ something, it means that they appreciate the picture, they want to share it and they want to keep track of it to enjoy it in the future. Although a user may want to buy that product or service at some stage, there’s no implication they’ll do so. By contrast, if a user ‘requests’ something, that means the user is looking for it right now and wants to be in touch with potential sellers.

Who can use Wonderstreet?

Wonderstreet is a members-only service. People can apply for membership, or existing members can invite friends and family to join via the ‘Invite people’ tool. Wonderstreet membership is completely free.

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