Sunday, Jul 31, 2016
by WonderStreet
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WonderStreet Surveys

What do potential buyers really think of your work?

Do you know who your customers are? Do you know why they like your art, or what compels them to buy?

One of the biggest problems artists have is formulating a successful marketing strategy for selling their work. It takes several steps to convince art buyers to go ahead and make a purchase, and it can be tough to understand exactly what buyers want.

The most powerful way to discover what people really want to buy is to simply ask. That's exactly what WonderStreet surveys allow you to do, so that you can gain crucial insights into consumer demands and plan successful marketing activities. Plus, you can communicate directly with individuals who have answered your questions, which is a fantastic way to kick-start promising conversations with potential buyers.

You can either send out a default survey that we've created, or you can compile your own personal survey to ask specific questions about your work. The default ones are a great way to get discussions with buyers started, but for the most telling insights we highly recommend you try creating a unique survey filled with all the crucial questions you need to ask to maximise sales of your art.

We made our surveys really easy to set up with intuitive functionality. They can give you fresh insights from potential buyers who you have never spoken to before, and they can help you get back in touch with individuals who need a little extra incentive to revisit your artwork and commit to a purchase.

Check out WonderStreet surveys now: what will you ask?

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