Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017
by Olivier Jennes
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WonderStreet tip: organise the wonders you find with lists

Lists are great for keeping track of pictures and organising them in the way you want. You have different types of lists on Wonderstreet: your personal lists can be made up of photos you upload yourself or those of other members that inspire you.

You can upload your own pictures via the Add button, or you can add other people’s pictures to your own lists by clicking 'Like' on their photos. Visitors to your profile can then see a combination of pictures of your own work (under the "images" tab on your profile) together with pictures from other members that inspire you (under the "likes" tab on your profile). It’s really interesting for visitors to your profile to see what work inspires you, as it complements your own pictures.

Building a Wonderstreet profile with a combination of photos of your own work together with photos of work that inspire you from other members, is a powerful way to express yourself, to show appreciation for other talented members, and to simply build your Wonderstreet tribe.

Click here to upload pictures

Click here to find pictures from other members to add to your "Likes"

Happy Wondering!

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