Peter Lee
Started out in my art career as an apprentice stained glass artists before attending art school for four years and obtaining the National Diploma of Art (Special level painting) Went to Australia for four years. Returned to UK. I became the Senior Illustrator and Draftsman for a university archaeology unit unit and was responsible for finds illustration and drafting on sites of excavation. Retired now I am painting full time and my subjects are often based on archaeology/history etc.
Peter Lee
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Collection 'The Sound of the Landscape', untitled. Chinese ink on paper. 100x70 cm.

Lyra Rides the Bear

The Spirit of the Elm

3648 at Llanelli

3648 at Llanelli, South Wales. Transport portrait of an engine. Pencil - 50 x 32.5 cm

The Muldown Sisters

The Celestial Toymaker

  • Al K This is so atmospheric, so good. Inspirational.

The Girl in the Moon

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