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Silver Birch Tote Bag

From Jacqui Joseph

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Silver Birch Tote Bag

Jacqui Joseph Designs

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Jacqui Joseph Designs is proud to present this new and exclusive range of stunning Artist Collection Tote Bags featuring the outstanding artworks of British Artist Andrew Nottle.

Beautiful, inspired and elegant whilst paring function with elegant style our ‘Silver Birch’ Tote Bag features the most incredible light catching array of stand-out colours. As the Birch Wood is brought to life, we are presented with tonal colours of silver, white and charcoal. Darkest chocolate brown, racing green with fiery orange, reds and yellows with pops of blue makes this Tote a real show-stopper. Every time you look at your ‘Silver Birch’ Tote you’ll see something new.

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