Jane Wilson

I am an artist and a magpie, I collect mainly beautiful old maps, books and music. These are both my references and integral pieces of my paintings combining with paint and other mediums to create unique, contemporary artworks.
Jane Wilson
  • Artist
  • UK
  • Verified
  • Somerset College of Arts and Technology 1989-1992 Following an Art Foundation Course I moved to Somerset for a couple of years to study Textile Design. This was followed by a career in fashion retail with a return to my main love, painting, in the early noughties.
Price for original painting: $645 - SOLD
Size: 52 H x 64 W cm

What are the secrets you hold?
Price for original painting: $456
Size: 50 H x 40 W x .3 cm

Bucks Bunny
Price for original painting: $417 - SOLD
Size: 29.5 H x 21 W cm

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