Jane Wilson
I am an artist and a magpie, I collect mainly beautiful old maps, books and music. These are both my references and integral pieces of my paintings combining with paint and other mediums to create unique, contemporary artworks.
Jane Wilson
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A collection of my mixed media paintings utilising maps, book pages, music and other ephemera

33 images

Size: 33 H x 33 W x 3.5 cm

A mixed media painting inspired by beautiful beach walks.

What are the secrets you hold?
Size: 50 H x 40 W x .3 cm

A mixed media painting.

Size: 33 H x 33 W x 5.3 cm

A mixed media painting inspired by Tennyson's poem The Voyage.

The Long Eared Owl

Originally painted in watercolours directly onto an antique book page, now a Limited Edition print.

Bees in the Garden

Painted as part of Friends of the Earth's Bee Cause campaign, acrylic on vintage book pages.


Originally an acrylic painting on an 18th Century astronomy print.

Little Robin
Size: 20 H x 20 W x .3 cm

Little Robin in a tree by my door, acrylic and vintage music on linen canvas panel.

A Little Bird Told Me
Size: 20 H x 20 W x .3 cm

A mixed media painting of a cheeky Blue Tit, acrylic, and music on a linen canvas panel.

Beautiful Dreamer
Size: 15 H x 15 W x 4 cm

A small, but beautiful, mixed media painting.

Because of you

A small mixed media painting of one of my favourite subjects... " There's a song in my heart because of you"


A Limited Edition Print of my scruffy hare on an antique map of Buckinghamshire.

Moffat, Howick and Borders

Acrylic painting on vintage map.

Hello There

Acrylic painting on vintage map fragment.

Atlantic Ocean
Size: 35.5 H x 28 W cm

A Limited Edition print of a watercolour puffin on vintage map.

Burchell's Zebra

A Limited Edition Print of my original painting.

Out Of Africa

A Limited Ed Print of my original painting.

Small But Mighty

A Limited Ed Print of my original painting.

Waiting For Spring

A Limited Ed Print of my original painting.

Bucks Bunny
Size: 29.5 H x 21 W cm

I have used an antique map of Oxford, Bucks and Berks as the ground for this acrylic painting.

Hambleden Owl

A beautiful juvenile barn owl painted in acrylics directly onto a 1969 ordnance survey map of the Hambleden area.

Loch Etive and Glen Coe

A majestic stag painted directly onto an antique map.

Dizzy Heights

An acrylic painting of a soaring coal tit painted directly onto a map fragment from the 1930s.


Painted with lots of acrylic glazes to build colour and form and then I work in details and texture, always trying to leave a little map showing through.

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