Norwegian artist living in England, studio in Shoreham - by - Sea
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Karin Hay Likes


To the city

Mixed Media painting.

abstract 567160

oil on canvas

Stripes & Daffs

Other People's Paintings Only Much Cheaper: No. 6 Damien Hirst

Street art in your own home by Cult Artist Sly. These are not prints as each is individually done and signed to order and consequently vary a little from the illustrated picture. These paintings are sprayed onto plain paper (approx. 56x76cm) and are ready to hang with crossbars and nails. It is likely that Juan Sly has become the biggest seller of original artworks in the UK. An artist exhibiting in mainly spray stencils and oils. He has exhibited at the Saatchi (a proper gallery with pillar

abstract 665121

oil on canvas


Painting Size: 9 H x 13 W x 0.5 in


102 x 132 cms, oil on canvas.

Summer Walk

Oil on deep canvas, box framed in grey. 50 x 50 cm image size.

Amber Reflections

media: Giclee Print image size: 20 x 20cm

fresh fish at worthing

20x20cm/petrol-blue/fresh fish at worthing

New Here Again

Size: 36cm x 36cm Year: 2014 Medium: Acrylic, spray paint and charcoal on canvas

Catterline Barleyfield

Pastel on pastelmat, 35x52 approx, original framed painting.


Size: 100cm x 100cm Year: 2014 Medium: Acrylic, spray paint and charcoal on canvas


35 x 27cm, bronze.

Keep It In A Family

Surreal Digital Art

St.Ives Harbour & Quay

Midnight Reflections

Journal Entry No. 3

Geographical Cure series

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