Kirsty OLearyLeeson

I originally trained as an illustrator and worked in publishing, however after having spent time raising more children than is sensible I decided to escape the Playground Mafia and returned to Uni to study Fine Art. I graduated with a First Class degree in 2011 from Norwich University of Arts. I have exhibited widely in my home in London and across the UK. I have work in both private and public collections here, in the US and the Middle East. My artwork is now far better travelled than I am.
Kirsty OLearyLeeson
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Songs of Distant Memory
Size: 61 H x 77 W cm

Where When Lingers
Size: 36 H x 45 W x 1 cm

The Space Between Us
Size: 27 H x 31 W cm

Memories of Green
Size: 24 H x 26 W cm

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