I'm a graphic designer by training, I did very little design work after my degree. I started making jewellery around 10 years ago after finding a book on bead weaving in the library where I work. I have had a collection of vintage beads for years, some I bought and some from elderly relatives collections passed on to me, had a sudden inspiration to use sea glass with the beads. I am an avid reader and love films. I live with my cat in Devon, I have two great adult kids and a gorgeous grandson.
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Victorian Gold and Black

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Victorian Gold and Black

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A Gothic fantasy pendant in vintage black beads and black sea glass. The pendant is made by beading tightly around a piece of, fairly rare, black sea glass. It's always been hard to find truly black glass, most of the glass that looks black turns out to be dark green when held up to the light, recently, however, I've found quite a few pieces. The pendant has many strands of modern beads in an iridescent blue, each strand ends either in a black vintage bead or a peach coloured fresh water pearl, a few shorter strands sit in front of these, with tiny gold coloured hearts at the ends.

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