Martine Norman
Much about me is on my website, particularly go to my news or philosophy pages. I can also be found on Facebook and LinkedIn. My interests are varied from Spanish flamenco to environmental work subjects are varied too.
Martine Norman
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'Med Shade'

Oil of dog sheltering from sun with Mediterranean see behind!

Vatican Celebration

This oil was auctioned for a fundraising project!


Mixed media + includes pencil ghosts!!

Spanish Grazing/ El Campo

Oils on 10x8 inches board.

Perthshire Landscape

Oils on canvas using favourite [but slow!] technique.

'Libertad' or 'Andaluz Spring'

Spanish landscape painted in oils.

Blue Meadow - Spain

Oils on 10x8ins board. April in National Park in Andalusia.

The Farm
Size: 8 H x 10 W inches

Oils on board.

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