Paul Dodman
Paul Dodman
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Stubble Fields

Cobweb and Masterseed

Evening Bathers

The stony path led up into the dark forest.

Rainy Night in the Park

Rainy Night in Paris

Leaping Dancer

Dundee Sunrise

Johnshaven Bay

Johnshaven Boats

Johnshaven Clouds

Spiritual love

Acrylic on board.

St Valentine’s Day

Mixed media,
24” square, unframed.

Swirling river

Acrylic on canvas, 18” x 24” unframed.

Moon in the Elm Tree crepe de Chine batik silk scarf 150x40cm

Heaven and earth 2015 crepe de Chine 150x40cm £30.JPG

'Flexi Time' 2015 crepe de Chine 150x40cm £30

Homage to the man with the mustachios.

Miles from Paisley 2015 crepe de Chine 150x40cm £30

Inspired by a cardboard wrapper.

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