Alice Sculpture

Unique Edition of 295. Sculpture size - 13" x 4.5".

There was a Silence


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 25x25cm

Three Graces of Neully-sur-Seine

Oil on Linen, 200 x 190 cm.

Stable Door

Original sold. Available as a 295 limited edition print. Colour pencil and pencil - 42 x 42 cm

Waiting for the Light

Dark clouds across the blue as a Kestrel waits. The location is taken from fields on the opposite side of the valley to Haddon Hall. Colour pencil and pencil - 60 x 42 cm.

Safely Gathered In

Etching 20 x 20cm edition 50. Mounted.

High Stand

Etching 28 x 12cm. edition 50. Mounted.

In the Moonlight

Giclee print from original monotype Image size 32 x 74 cm Mounted size 50.5 x 91.5 cm Signed and numbered on the front edition 100.


Unique edition of 95. Image size - 30" x 40". Framed in silver with white slip.

Wild And Free

Unique Edition of 95. Image size - 35" x 35". Framed in blue / silver with white slip.

In the Shadows of Alderwasley Park

Oil painting of the a cluster of trees from the former parkland to the house. Now grazing land it is a nice hack out on the horse on the farmer's land. This place captured my eye on an early Autumn day walking through.

The Pure Pleasure of Being

Oil on Linen, 100 x 100 cm.

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