Clocks Cushion

Jacqui Joseph Designs is proud to present our new and exclusive Artist Collection range of cushions featuring the impressive artworks of British Artist Andrew Nottle. If you are looking for a show-stopping, functional yet dazzling work of art for your home, don’t just think about your walls! Add stylish glamour to your space with our eye catching and exclusive ‘Clocks’ cushion. To see this stunning work of art realised on our finest quality Microfibre Suede is perfection, the detail and almost 3D quality will add, light to any room in your home.

Love Heart Cushion on Black

Jacqui Joseph Designs is proud and excited to present this exclusive and enchanting range of cushions featuring the magical artworks of Lucy Loveheart. Her distinctive style is captured in this stand out cushion entitled ‘Love Heart’. The artwork, whether on the soft cream or stand out black background features a beautiful heart with vibrant floral designs, embellishments and hints of gold tones that has both style & tradition. This original artwork is a romantic piece with delicious colourways to delight. Our cushions are made from the highest quality, machine washable Microfibre Suede that has a glorious texture which is incredibly tactile and durable.

Sunrise Hare Cushion

Jacqui Joseph Designs is proud to present this new and exclusive range of cushions featuring the outstanding artworks of British Artist Andrew Nottle. His arresting artworks are inspired by his surroundings, capturing natural light and landscape. ‘Sunrise Hare’ features an inquisitive and expressive hare in the early hours; soft brushstrokes of green, blues, greys, shades of taupe, hints of pinks and delicate golds and hints of purple come alive with embellishments of precision cut mirrors and gemstones that represent the dew and sparkle of the exquisite scene. Every time you look at your cushion you’ll see something new!

Persha on the Moonstone


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 25x25cm

Stable Door II

Original sold. Available as a 195 limited edition print. Colour pencil and pencil - 42 x 42 cm

Still Standing

Giclee print from original monotype. Image size 34 x 69cm. Mounted.

Alice Study

Unique Edition of 75. Image size - 14" x 14". Framed in silver / blue with white slip.

As The Storm Blows Over

Oil on Linen, 100 x 100 cm.

'The New Beginning'

oil on canvas 80x60cm

Red apples. still life.

Oil on canvas. 100x100cm

Woolly Thistle

Hand printed reduction linocut 30x20cm.

August Meadow

120 x 60 cm. Oil on canvas. No.259.

Roses, chrysanthemums and a sunflower in a glass vase

Original painting. still life with flowers. Oil on canvas. 92x73cm. 2016.

A Secret Garden

This limited edition artwork, inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett's children's classic, The Secret Garden, is one from a series celebrating the unforgettable tales that feature in many a childhood, and which were prominent in my own. Using a technique that merges my background of traditional illustration with digital art, these unique artworks capture moments from children's classics in a new and captivating dimension.


Oil on canvas 80x120cm.

Lazy Eleonora Chair and Armchair

766-DS, AZ/SFA Chair and 766-CS, AZ/SFA Armchair. Great for outdoors! Just your favorite sunbrella color and finsh. And customize it!

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