Fairy Princess Singing a Love Song Tea Towel
Size: 50 H x 70 W cm

‘Fairy Princess Singing A Love Song’ Tea Towel is a whimsical yet stylish piece that will make a brilliant gift idea to be enjoyed for years to come. This delightful and magical tea towel with colour tones vanilla creams, peach, berry reds and silver and stand out embellishments, which truly replicate the original artwork will work in a traditional, contemporary or relaxed kitchen space.

Pink Bistro Childs Apron 7-14 years

To inspire your little one’s inner chef why not go for this Pink Bistro apron! Made with 100% Cotton pink & white gingham. Centre pocket in white features a gingham heart detail, white ties and overhead loop. The Pink Bistro Apron would make a wonderful gift for the Little Helper in the kitchen, garden or for those painting jobs and great for school too! Proudly Handmade in the UK.

White Heart Child Apron 7 -14 Years

To inspire your little ones inner chef, Jacqui Joseph Designs brings this 100% soft brushed linen white Child Apron featuring red polka dot heart detail on centre pocket. This Limited Edition apron is machine washable, handy for those messy jobs at school or in the kitchen at home! Proudly Handmade in the UK.

Ursula Faux Fur Cushion
Size: 46 H x 46 W cm

Regardless of changing fashions this neutral luxurious faux fur cushion with alternate delicate fluid stripes of Chocolate, creams, mocha and browns will never look out of place on any sofa, armchair or bed. It would also make a wonderful gift for a special occasion. Soft, warm and pleasing to the eye, these faux fur cushion covers have a zip closure and have faux fur on both sides for added texture. Inner pad included.

Price for original painting: £42
Size: 73 H x 57 W cm

Painting, Paper. One of a kind artwork. Signed on the front.

Painted Glass Block
Size: 19 H x 19 W x 8 cm

Handmade item. Materials: glass block, Vitrail glass paint, Vitrail glass outliner, glass brick.

Art Police (On The Daily Telegraph)
Price for original painting: £45
Size: 73 H x 57 W cm

Painting, Paper. One of a kind artwork. Signed on the front.

Golden Light 1
Price for original painting: £1800
Size: 40 H x 40 W cm

Mixed media with oil on board.

What's a Kiss?
Size: 8 H x 8 W x 0.02 inches

This limited edition artwork, inspired by J. M. Barrie's, Peter Pan, is one from a series celebrating the unforgettable tales that feature in many a childhood, and which were prominent in my own. Using a technique that merges my background of traditional illustration with digital art, these unique artworks capture moments from children's classics in a new and captivating dimension.

The Shard
Size: 40.64 H x 27.94 W x 0.03 cm

Available as a signed limited print to 75 items on box canvas.

Opus at Unus
Size: 21 H x 15 W cm

Precious Paris
Price for original painting: £599.99
Size: 40 H x 60 W inches

Original. Mixed Media on Canvas. 40" x 60.

Ghost Trees
Price for original painting: £950
Size: 40 H x 60 W cm

Mixed Media on Canvas, 40x60, original painting, framed. £950

Price for original painting: £360
Size: 16.5 H x 23.4 W inches

Acrylic, Household and Ink on Paper.

Interstellar Overdrive
Price for original painting: £600
Size: 80 H x 80 W cm

Interstellar Overdrive is a large dynamic abstract oil painting 80x80cm on a deep 4cm box canvas.

The Tweet
Price for original painting: £275
Size: 20 H x 24 W inches

Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity W 24.00" x H 20.00" Media: acrylic Surface: Canvas on a stretcher

Size: 10.6 H x 5.1 W x 3.1 inches

Sculpture: Clay on Other.

Rocky shore , Valentia Island
Price for original painting: £4000
Size: 23 H x 23 W inches

23" x 23" unframed oil.

Fast Trains
Price for original painting: £800
Size: 75 H x 45 W x 2 cm

Waving in the Wind
Price for prints: £120
Size: 35 H x 35 W cm

Giclee print from original monotype. Image size 35 x 35 cm. Mounted.

Freedom Field Sandwich Tray
Size: 16 H x 40 W cm

Serve your guests in exquisite style with our new and exclusive serveware from Jacqui Joseph Designs. You will adore this British made superior quality ‘Freedom Field’ Sandwich Tray; Artist, Andrew Nottle has captured the beauty of it’s surrounding and tranquil setting with his breathtaking work.

Sunrise Hare Tote Bag
Size: 39 H x 43 W x 8 cm

Jacqui Joseph Designs is proud to present this new and exclusive range of stunning Artist Collection Tote Bags featuring the outstanding artworks of British Artist Andrew Nottle. ‘Sunrise Hare’ Tote Bag features an inquisitive and expressive hare in the early hours; soft brushstrokes of green, blues, greys, shades of taupe, hints of pinks and delicate golds and hints of purple come alive with embellishments of precision cut mirrors and gemstones that represent the dew and sparkle of the exquisite scene.

Button Heart Tea Towel White on Black
Size: 50 H x 70 W cm

Make an impact in your kitchen with this stunning Heart shaped button Tea Towel exclusively from Jacqui Joseph Designs. From the original individually hand sewn design and made in the UK from the highest quality 100% cotton in Black and printed with the ‘standout’ White button design, this tea towel will delight all and would make a the ultimate feel good gift!

Mary Jane Shoe Button Print Cushion – Black
Size: 46 H x 46 W cm

Made in the UK, the new range of the digital print from the Jacqui Joseph Design Button Collection features the original Handsewn button works in various colourways. The high quality of the 100% Cotton Satin fabric and artwork is replicated from the original designs. Soft, fresh and expressive this Digital Button design Cushion will bring a fun yet elegant chic to any room within your home, the design of the Mary Jane Shoe,the Stiletto Boot, Globe, PEACE, 5 Point Star or the Heart are featured on both sides of the Cushion.

Bigger Tits
Price for original painting: £45
Size: 73 H x 57 W cm

Street art in your own home by Cult Artist Sly. These are not prints as each is individually done and signed to order and consequently vary a little from the illustrated picture. These paintings are sprayed onto the pages of the Daily Telegraph "borrowed" from the pub. If you're lucky you might get a half finished crossword. Ready to hang with crossbars and nails. It is likely that Juan Sly has become the biggest seller of original artworks in the UK. An artist exhibiting in mainly spray

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