Sunrise Landscape
Price for prints: £120
Size: 35 H x 35 W cm

Giclee print from original monotype. Image size 35 x 35 cm. Mounted.

My Motherland Briefly Still 2
Size: 40 H x 40 W cm

Oil on board.

Size: 50 H x 40 W x .5 cm

Painting, Canvas.

There was no way of knowing
Size: 28 H x 42 W x 0.5 cm

Painting: Watercolor on Paper. A signed watercolour landscape, featuring a classic Douglas, flat twin motorcycle, parked in a midland village in the early Spring Sunshine.

Past, Present, Future
Size: 122 H x 122 W x 3.5 cm

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Size: 30 H x 20 W x 2 cm

Acrylic on canvas, 20x30cm.

We Three Kings
Size: 20.32 H x 40.62 W x 1.27 cm

Pheasant's Parade
Size: 42 H x 29.7 W cm

Oils on Canvas.

Goat Print
Price for prints: £25

Limited edition giclee print on 220 gsm matte paper. From an edition of 200. Hand signed and numbered. 29.7 x 29.7 CM Printed with a 20mm border around the image.

Leaf 3 print
Price for prints: £8

A6 (148 x 105 mm) giclee print on 100 % recycled white 300 GSM cardboard. Signed by the artist in pencil. From an open edition. I have created 8 mini prints in this style using scans of leaves I've collected in the Autumn. All 8 are for sale for £8 each or £45 for the set of 8.

'People Watching Sketches'
Price for original painting: £30

Spray paint and rollerball pen sketches on cartridge paper. 14 x 14 CM Please make a note at the basket of which one you want from the numbers in the first image. I will update the listing as and when one sells, but if the one you are interested in has sold out I will email to ask if you want an alternative or a refund. Sent flat between cardboard, unframed. These look great in Ikea 'Ribba' 25 x 25 CM frames as shown in the second photo. These are £3.50 and available in black or white from Ikea stores and online.

'Starry Night over London'
Price for prints: £300
Size: 90 H x 120 W x 4 cm

Oil on canvas.

Other People’s paintings only much cheaper: No. 7 Vermeer. The Gurl with the Pearl Tung Stud.
Price for original painting: £29
Size: 73 H x 57 W cm

Street art in your own home by Cult Artist Sly. If the original every came up for sale it would be unspeakably expensive. And it has got to be said that since it was painted in 1665 it is getting a little out-of-date? And she’s not even wearing a pearl earring, although no one else seems to have spotted that. Anyway, here it is redone in zingy colours and with a pearl (yeah - really) tongue stud. These are not prints as each is individually done and signed to order and consequently vary a li

A Garden Full Of Dreams 1
Size: 90 H x 120 W cm

Oil on canvas.

Dancing Light 2
Size: 60 H x 90 W cm

Mixed media with oil on board.

Green Ocean
Size: 13 H x 18 W x 3 cm

Acrylic ink on canvas.

Red House
Size: 20 H x 26 W x 1.5 cm

Plant 2
Size: 100 H x 100 W x 4 cm

Oil on canvas.

Size: 41 H x 31 W x 1.5 cm

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.

Size: 33 H x 54 W x 2.5 cm

Painting: Mixed Media on Cardboard.

Size: 30 H x 52 W x 0.8 cm

Painting: Mixed Media on Cardboard.

Red Sky Horizon
£560 - SOLD
Size: 11 H x 31 W x 2 cm

The deep red autumnal horizon looms over distant hills

Bait Ball 2
Size: 30 H x 40 W x 2 cm

Acrylic on Oval Canvas, 40 x 30cm, 2016

Magenta Sky Coo
Size: 40 H x 30 W cm

Acrylic on Canvas.

winter 138
Size: 40 H x 50 W x 2 cm

oil on canvas

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