Steve Carroll
I am a graphic artist who paints occasionally and draws a lot. I love and teach art history and visit a lot of galleries. I also like outsider art and the art of pre-industrial societies. My Christian faith is important to me and I work as an ambassador for a charity in Calcutta.
Steve Carroll
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Steve Likes


(detail after chemo)

Statuario marble

After chemo

Statuario marble

Bastille day

Oil on canvas

my lady

Statuario marble

Wax drawing


Wax drawing


French House

Oil on canvas

Have a drink

Oil on canvas

Brighton Pavillion

Son of Happy Go-Laugh-Ey

Size: 100cm x 100cm Year: 2014 Medium: Acrylic, spray paint and charcoal on canvas

Museum Fatique, watercolour

  • Steve C My kids get this kind of fatigue.


The installation,



The Inevitable Or The Never (i) & (ii)

Bitumen oil, spray paint & moss on board, 150 x 110 cm each

City Snow Scene

36" X 36" Oil On Canvas.

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