Stevie The-Fixer
I recently started painting - I usually try to be amusing or bemusing because there are already many really good artists out there doing "normal" things & I am a beginner. I have tried a few normal subjects though - for the hell of it. I also like making & fixing things and am currently making detailed plans for a sub 1 metre size Geobat (it will be a sort of flying sculpture - round aircraft powered by cylindrical ducted fan)
Stevie The-Fixer
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Coming Home

Image size: 20 x 20 cms. Mount size: 38 x 38 cms.

Reach me

Mixed Media painting, Canvas

Northern Light

Giclee print from original monotype. Image Size 35 x 35 cm. Mounted.

  • Jane B Love the treatment of the sky here.


Graphite on Paper. (60x 50cm.)


Signed mounted 8"x10" print.

Black Wave III

Acrylic on canvas 90cm x 90cm. 2014 With Inner Farne in the background, a heavy swell creates a sea in turmoil around a 'drowning' rock as the waves break upon the beach near to Seahouses.

Farhan Rasheed.

A London friend of mine;been on show recently-'The Brick lane' Gallery,London.

Rosa Mystica, Faversham

Bovine Beauty

Oil on Canvas.

Self Portrait 1993

Self portrait 2033

J Anthony Redmile

Ferrari 430, Venice

Portrait of Sharon

Lamborghini Diablo

Mindful (Joe)

Commission for a 40th birthday present Colour pencil and pencil - 48 x 24 cm.

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