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I recently started painting - I usually try to be amusing or bemusing because there are already many really good artists out there doing "normal" things & I am a beginner. I have tried a few normal subjects though - for the hell of it. I also like making & fixing things and am currently making detailed plans for a sub 1 metre size Geobat (it will be a sort of flying sculpture - round aircraft powered by cylindrical ducted fan) Interview with Stevie The Fixer
Stevie The-Fixer
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Pink Pig Air Race
Size: 41 H x 51 W x 0.2 cm

For "Modern Democracy I needed flying pigs so I gave them personal airships. Being competitive critters we see them here with more powerful ones having a race. Acrylics on a large board

Alice and Dougal
Size: 40 H x 51 W x 2 cm

The typical family doggy enjoying/suffering the typical little girl using him as a combined fashion model and horse. Acrylics on canvas

Modern Democracy
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Hence the pigs flying, sheep, ears dying next to a symbol of authority. Acrylics on a small board.

Gardening Time
Size: 30 H x 32 W x 0.1 cm

A comment on the human condition when faced with a problem. Water colours on a large card

A Roaring Fire
Size: 46 H x 61 W x 20 cm

An ordinary humble brick fireplace with a nice log fire warming us up. Acrylics on canvas

The Watcher
Size: 30 H x 30 W x 2 cm

A painting of a strange dream I had once. Out of total blackness this half-human, half-alien face materialised slowly and watched me closely for what seemed like minutes. No expression, no words - and then just faded away to blackness again. Acrylics on a round canvas

World Heritage Bridge
Size: 39 H x 44 W x 3 cm

The famous Forth Bridge seen from the picturesque village of North Queensferry (plus a storm because I like them) Acrylics on board & framed. Privately owned

Aquarium Mechanica
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.3 cm

In an alternative universe we pay to see submarines instead of fish. Acrylics on a small board - self-hanging, unframed.

Mighty Pen
Size: 30 H x 25 W x 0.2 cm

More mighty than the sword. Acrylics on a small board.

Mouse & Candle Hand Drier
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

A cutaway side view of what I believe is inside the less powerful ones that are still in some washrooms. Acrylics on a small board

Moon as a balloon
Size: 40 H x 51 W x 1 cm

Just for fun. Acrylics on a board.

1908 Farman Voisin
Size: 21 H x 26 W x 2 cm

Henri Farman flying somewhere in northern France at under 40 knots! some time before his epic cross country flight. Acrylics on an oval canvas

Size: 40 H x 30 W x 2 cm

A holiday island. Based loosely on the tower at Wangerooge. Acrylics on an oval canvas

Bitville NV
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Do we live in towns and cities or are we somehow part of the great natural cosmic computer that is Earth? Acrylics on a small board

Size: 40 H x 40 W x 2 cm

A train flies past on its morning run to The City Of Gold. The idea came from a flightsim that I was working on. I tried to stop a train from crossing a bridge but later, during testing, it flew past me about 700 feet up in pieces and reformed on the track a few miles away. Acrylics on canvas

Musical Sea Power
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Acrylics on a small board.

Fishing With bait
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

You never know what is lurking beneath the waves. Acrylics on a small board.

Oops Terribly Sorry
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Or why I don't live too close to the sea. Acrylics on a small board.

The Origin Of Ties
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Android dudes in our distant past being left here to try out breathing tubes - the look was copied as ties and became fashion (but an uncomfortable one). Acrylics on a small board.

My God (not your God)
Size: 40 H x 40 W x 2 cm

The second in what will be a Gods series. Acrylics on canvas.

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 2 cm

My only abstract so far - includes a Mobius surface (travel around from any point and you will reach every part before eventually arriving at the start point). Acrylics on canvas.

Shot Or Painted
Size: 15 H x 20 W x 0.1 cm

The eventual triumph of creativeness over destruction. Small watercolour on a card.

Airshow Vulcan
Size: 410 H x 510 W x 2 cm

An Avro Vulcan B Mk2 performing a low flypast. Having just politely whistled in with throttles closed it is now going to full power, the famous intake resonance "groan" is being heard as well as the sight and sound of all that air being roasted and thrown out the back. It is about to pitch up into a typically fighter-like steep climb as a beginning to its display routine.

Vacuum Of Space
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.3 cm

We all feel this way about housework sometimes! Acrylics on a small board, unframed, self-hanging

Chicken Squadron
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

2 ladies escaping and flying high. Acrylics on a small board.

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