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The Origins of Argument

Oil on Linen, 100 x 140 cm.

Morning Light L.S.R.

Dog portrait - watercolour painting

The Balcony of Freedom

Oil on Linen, 71 x 96 cm.



Couple Portrait - Oil on Canvas

18" 14" Oil Portrait commissioned for their engagement party. This was done from the client's photos.

Clare Morris Cow

Curious Compainons

While driving with friends in the West of Ireland, I spotted these two beauties in a nearby field and shot off to photograph them; deaf to the outraged cries of my companions on whom I apparently unleashed a million midges as I went! These ponies were extremely curious and friendly and I am on a promise to return with carrots, since they posed here for free!! The work is on block canvas painted all around the sides, so no frame is required. It is very three dimensional in impact.

The Lotus Eater

Mystic Lion




Child Portrait - Pencil on paper

One Person Portrait - Oil on Canvas

14" x 18" Demo Portrait Oil techniques.

Two Sisters

20" x 24".


Lean To - Mevagissey

Camel Estuary from Rock

Across the Bay

Atlantis, Looe, Cornwall

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