Alison Hepburn
I started making mosaics nearly twenty years ago following a career as an illustrator. I still draw and design all my own work but mosaic enables me to use both traditional and contemporary materials in a way that I couldn't in illustration.
Alison Hepburn
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Blue mandala

Circles, not flowers!

This started out as a picture of flowers but got away from me. it is made from stained glass, ball chain and hand fused glass

Indian running elephant 2

This is a different version with a background that still looks complicated but is smooth to the touch. this is necessary for the venue in a hospital.


Cinca, agate slices, ammonites, fused glass, tumbled glass and stained glass ‘year of planet earth’ exhibition exeter 2008

Snail medallion

Panel made for scarborough hospital courtyard

Millefiori mask

One of the masks that i made for my first book.

Red fish

Created for lazyhills gallery in dorset 2014. mixed media


Created for the 'heavens above' exhibition in exeter in 2009


Stained glass and hand fused glass on unglazed ceramic.

Indian running elephant

Porcelain tiles, bead chain, mini mexican tiles, hand fused glass and mixed media. exhibited at shine, harehills, leeds 2015

  • Christine W A lovely one Alison, great colours and clarity.


Glass, bead chain, hand fused glass and stained glass. exhibited at shine, harehills. leeds in 2015

Mystic bird

Ink line work, stained glass, hand fused glass, vitreous tiles, metal details 29cmx24cm made for an exhibition at rural arts thirsk 2012

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