Allan Ewart
Hi there, I'm Allan, thanks for stopping by. I love art and like to paint as often as I can. I'm a web designer by trade and currently developing my craft as a screenwriter. I look forward to connecting with other artists here on Wonderstreet. All the best, Allan :)
Allan Ewart
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Oil on canvas 80x120cm.

'dancer' series - iv

Color pencils, acrylics, gold leaf on canvas.

Water under no bridge

Inks, oil pastels, acrylics on canvas.

  • Allan E Amazing work. Quite atmospheric and rich. Impressive.

Woman with a fan

Acrylic painting on Canvas. 80x60cm - 31"x23".


Painting Size: 9 H x 13 W x 0.5 in

Cone head

Duke of Wellington, Glasgow, acrylic on canvas

Rapid finish

ink water colour available in a limited edition print

Brentor sunset

Watercolour. SOLD.

Mermaid hair

Painting, Paper.

Cherry blossom knightswood cross


Available as a limited edition giclee print, 40x40cm.

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