Arvydas Butautas
Graphic artist based in Bristol, UK. Creates surreal digital art (digital paintings and photomanipulations) with a bit of dark humor and grotesque. In 2014 won the 3rd and the 4th place in 2014 AMERICAN ART AWARDS CATEGORY 47 - DIGITAL ART REPRESENTATIONAL. In 2015 participated in 19th JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL, Tokyo. In 2015 artwork 'Broken Glass' had been published in Photoshop Creative magazine Issue 132. Presentation on Youtube:
Arvydas Butautas
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Mixed media on stretched canvas.

Tangled honesty

Mixed media 25x32cm.

Frozen image

Her portrait frozen in time never to age

Chaos engine

32 x 22 " 426 drawing hours

Industrial overload

Oils on canvas 100 x 50 cm - Art work by Graham edward Rhodes.


Northern light

Scattered light

Sienna sky

The lady of shalott


Unique Edition of 75. Image Size 14" x 14". Framed in white with silver slip.

Space hopping

Unique Edition of 95. Image size - 14" x 14". Framed in silver / blue with white slip.


Unique Edition of 95. Image size - 30" x 40". Framed in black with black slip.

Moon valley

Unique Edition of 95. Image size - 30" x 40". Framed in black with black slip.


Image size - 17' x 48''


Image Size - 17'' x 48''

Elderberry blossom

Unique Edition of 295 Image size - 9" x 24" Framed in silver and a white slip

Black dress

Painted oil on canvas board 35 x 45 cms.

Woman 02

This is probably about the size of a business card, part of the ACEO's I'm producing.

Ceramic textured jug

Finish: Hand made Material: stoneware rough textured handbuilt slab pot jug.

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