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Koi trinity

Acrylic on canvas 61cm square 2013
What was originally to be koi carp in an ornamental pool, saw the koi become bringers of light; but what lies beneath in the darkness?

Reflections with fish

Acrylic on canvas 1m square 2013
Autumn of 2011 saw Colt Crag Reservoir with high water levels. Reflections of trees beyond the waterline appeared more like extensions of the branches.

Study for sunset over west woodburn

Acrylic on 300gsm acid free paper framed 35cm x 25cm Framed 33cm x 43cm 2013. The sun sets over West Woodburn with the Cheviots on the horizon.

Dawn mists

Acrylic on canvas 56cm x 46cm. 2014
The early dawn mists recreate the form of the hills above East Woodburn, as the summer sun rises to dissipate them with it's warmth.

Sea sediment jasper pendants

Golden fields

The forgotten tree

Winter cyclamen

Cleansing the palette

Silver birch in winter

These trees are to be found lining the driveway in the grounds of Guide Post Middle School.

Newcastle by night ll

Newcastle by night

Grey sky at alnmouth

Part of the 'Red Sun' series.

Dog on bamburgh beach

Part of the 'Red Sun' series.

Redesdale view with gate

The view from Dere Street (A68) looking towards s rocky outcrop covered in old spruce trees, a distinctive landmark in Redesdale.

Blue road to scotland ii

Foliage in pink blue and green

Geosucculent ll

Geosucculent l

Plants with distinct geometric patterns always provide interest and are source for strong imagery.

Blue haze with purple trees

Atmospheric l

The changing weather patterns of Redesdale constantly provide dramatic visual changes in the landscape.

Redesdale sunset with trees ii

Redesdale sunset ll

A break in the clouds

Fatsia japonica in blue

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