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Golden canopy

(near wark) 2012.


A photograph of bubbles that produced a sea of happy faces.

Still life

Light streaming through the window forms dark shadows in the foliage of the bunch of flowers while reflections on the glass table break up the pattern of the rug below.

Winter bracken

A cold bright winters day walking by the wannie crags helped to provide this image of wind swept bracken.

Redesdale sunset with trees

The setting sun silhouetting a group of trees is a favourite theme.

Tyne bridges at dusk

Reflections of reeds

Reeds cut back in winter in the semi-frozen upper pond at wallington hall.

Tree with climbing figure

Light, shade, position and the natural forms of the tree, give the impression that a giant figure is in the process of climbing it.

Reflections in blue

Part of the reflection series from colt crag reservoir.

Reeds under water l

Reindeer lichen l

Skiathos squid


Fatsia japonica in blue

A break in the clouds

Redesdale sunset ll

Redesdale sunset with trees ii

Atmospheric l

The changing weather patterns of redesdale constantly provide dramatic visual changes in the landscape.

Blue haze with purple trees

Geosucculent l

Plants with distinct geometric patterns always provide interest and are source for strong imagery.

Geosucculent ll

Foliage in pink blue and green

Blue road to scotland ii

Redesdale view with gate

The view from dere street (a68) looking towards s rocky outcrop covered in old spruce trees, a distinctive landmark in redesdale.

Dog on bamburgh beach

Part of the 'red sun' series.

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