Christopher Langley
I'm an internationally recognised experimental and conceptual artist. Born and raised in Pontypridd, now living in Cardiff, South Wales. I have has been working with a wide range of media such as digital, watercolour, acrylic, lens based, oils; using natural, and synthetic images. I've just been featured on BBC Radio Wales regarding a series on Cardiff Pubs - Past Present which is a series of works describing a narrative in a historical and cultural context.
Christopher Langley
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Bbc news item

Preserving the ‘watering holes’ of cardiffartist chris langley is on a mission to preserve the ‘watering holes’ of cardiff.he is putting together an exhibition of paintings of past and present city he has launched an appeal for the stories and memories of pub goers to helpillustrate his works. he also wants suggestions of other pubs that could feature as part of the collection.the idea is the brainchild of city publican, james lovegrove. he explained: “ i ampassionate about pubs and the role they play in keeping communities together.unfortunately too many of them are disappearing.“ i met chris and loved his work and the idea developed of putting together thiscollection.” chris, a self-taught abstract expressionist artist, added: “ i loved the idea of puttingon canvass a unique history of pubs past and present. i have had to use drawingsand photographs for the ones no longer here. they have all been a challenge with somany different styles of architecture and materials to capture.“ now i want local people to tell me their stories and memories of the different pubsso that we can help bring the collection to life.”a total of 13 paintings have so far been completed and chris is hoping to add atleast 20 more before the exhibition goes on show later in the year.stories and ideas for additions to the collection can be sent to him

The steps

A mixed media piece of an impression of a scene in lisbon. box canvas signed lep 23×16 inch ready to hang.

The preaching cross

This work has only recently become available. canvas print limited to 50 items. 23×16 inch.

Outback sunrise

50 lep on box canvas available. 18×18 inch.

Sunset over peaks

Limited edition of 100 signed prints 23×16 inch. a mixed media impressionist mountain sunset.

The sentinel

Ink and acrylic on canvas. 11 x 16 inch.

Angry clown

Limited box canvas print 23×16 inch to 50 items.

The shard in red

Mixed media on box canvas. 23×16 inch.

Man on balcony

Portrait of a man reading on a mediterranean balcony. limited canvas print. 23×16 inch.

Arch over street

Medieval abbey arches in an expressionist style, employing various tones. 23×16 inch box canvas lep to 50 items.

Walkie talkie in orange

23×16 inch box canvas mixed media. limited to 50 pieces.

Orange la in yellow

23×16 box canvas mixed media. los angeles abstract art from the viewpoint of griffith park. selected for exhibition in the agora gallery, new york june 2014.

Walkie talkie building

23×16 box canvas mixed media.

London taxi

Canvas print size 18×18 inch box canvas. a wet night as a london taxi waits.

Road to snowdon

A colourful representation of the snowdon mountain range. road to snowdon. box canvas print ready to hang. 16×23 inch.

Walk to eternity

On a quiet beach we see people walking towards the light, walk to eternity’ is center stage at terry m dining room at the celtic manor international resort, south wales. displayed at the nato summit. presentation filmed by bbc tv. size 20×40 inch (25×50 inch in frame).

The shard
Size: 40.64 H x 27.94 W x 0.03 cm

Available as a signed limited print to 75 items on box canvas.

August evening

A romantic view of the famous llandaff cathedral set against a late evening sky. limited canvas print.

Boat off shore

A small boat battles the waves near porthcawl, a south wales coastal town. a digital work which has been reproduced on box canvas, size 16×23 inch in a limited edition of 50 works.

Castle coch at sunset
Size: 58.42 H x 40.64 W x 1.27 cm

At sunset we see the hills of the garth with the floodlit castle resting on the side of the hill in yellow. box canvas print ready to hang.

The shard at dawn

This unique work was recently used as a cover for a london orchestra promotion. the original was sold in 2014 at a fundraising event. limited edition of 100 signed canvas prints 23×16 inch. on box canvas ready to hang.

London past and present
Size: 18 H x 18 W x 0.5 inches

London past/present has received much interest. there is a limited edition of 100 canvas prints which will be hand finished and signed with a certificate of authority. your print will be finished in acrylic and varnished which will make it unique.

Y llyn tawel

20 x 54 inch framed with coa.

Turbines in red

An expressionist semi-abstract study of wind turbines in the palm springs area of california, usa. this work was selected by the lumen prize top 50 internati0onal works 2013. a print sold at auction in new york during an international tour.

Together on the beach
Size: 40.64 H x 38.42 W x 40.64 cm

Original mixed media. on the distant shoreline, two people stand watching, silhouetted against a red sea.

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