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Richard Meyer
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Prehistoric 02, a memory of sheelagh

Oil on canvas 100 x 40cms.

Ness's beagles

A commission of a friend's friend's dogs.


Oil on canvas on cardboard 40.5x30cm.

Prehistoric #03, recent cavewoman

Oil on cardboard 87.5 x 55cm.

Prehistoric 01, a spanish dreamer

Oil on panel 39 x 42.5cm.

Almond tree in andalucia #1

Oil on board 49 x 73cm.
The second painting of an almond grove in Andalucia. The time of the day was different and the shadows slightly less vibrant.

Almond tree in andalucia #2

Oil on canvas 46 x 61cm.
An almond grove in Andalucia. The pale jade coloured complex foliage was a fascinating challenge.

Barn in a landscape with dancing figures

Oil on board 35.5 x 49.5 cm.
This painting suffered from the drying problems I encountered with my work over a long period of time. I think I have now discovered why I had these problems and so repainted this image - one of series of barns in landscape.

Oh amy, amy, amy

A tribute to the great and tragic Amy Winehouse (1983-2011). Forever young.

Daffodils in an earth pot

Oil on board 40.5 x 30cm.

Sweetpeas in a blue coffee pot

Oil on canvas 61 x 46cm.

Sweetpeas with a buddleia spray in a yellow jug.

Oil on MDF panel 62 x 48cm.

A landscape for malcolm

I was painting this landscape from an old sketchbook study when I heard of the death of my old friend and collaborator, Malcolm Ellis, whom I shall miss forever. It is not his sort of painting at all, being a fine and meticulous illustrator of birds.

Black-eyed up

I found the skin tones particularly challenging on this portrait.

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