Gill Bustamante
I paint large original oil paintings on canvas and my subjects are modern contemporary landscape paintings, seascape paintings, woodland paths, Sussex meadows and animal paintings, paintings about the sky, trees, forests, wildflowers and nature generally.
Gill Bustamante
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Follow your hart and find your dream

A very large original oil painting on canvas of a dark forest with a lake at sunset seen through a dark and intricate forest. By the side of the lake stands a white hart (deer stag) ready to lead you to the place you ought to be. It is a painting about surviving and about hope and achieving goals. It is semi abstract and expressionist in style. Frame unnecessary, edge dark purple.

The angel of spring rises

A large square very colorful oil on canvas of a spring meadow in Sussex with pink flowers in the foreground and green trees behind. The background is slightly blurred making the whole canvas quite 3D! Painted on deep edge canvas, edges white. 40 x 40 inches

Summer poppies in a sussex meadow

This is large expressionist landscapes in reds and greens showing big mad poppies in a green Sussex field. The view extends over fields towards the sea. It is loosely based on a place I found near Lewes this summer (2014) and is a celebration of the abundance life we saw this year. It is painted on 3D - wide edged canvas in thick oil paint. 40 x 40 inches

Lone orange fish in a big blue ocean

A very large original oil painting on canvas of an angel fish in a beautiful turquoise ocean. The water above sparkles as the sun hits it and makes fleeting patterns on the pinkish sand on the ocean bed. Painted on deep edge canvas, edges painted blue.

Transference of life

An original Sussex inspired oil painting on a large canvas of the light through an autumn forest. with deer in the background. It is a painting about hope and anticipation. It is warm and expressionist in style, painted in thick yellow, orange and red hues with another layer of trees in lilac behind them. 40 x 40 x 1.5 inches, deep edge canvas, edges dark maroon.

Escape through the bluebell wood

A Sussex bluebell woodland path with one solitary blackbird overseeing the portal to another place. Painted in shades of green, blue, lavender and white in oil on deep edge canvas. Edges dark mauve. Expressionist style with lots of thick paint. A hopeful painting that promises good things for those that walk the path. 30 x 30 inches

Mad english summer garden

I had so much fun painting this! I used lots of different sized brushes and tons of thick paint which I just kept applying until I felt I was at least beginning to approximate the enthusiasm of nature when it makes a summer garden. As usual, in my latest, paintings, there is a path through the garden that leads somewhere. It is up to the viewer to decide where but it will be somewhere fantastic

Wild wood awakening

A deer stag stands outlined against the light looking into a dark forest where magic still lives. Something is struggling to arrive. Painted in thick glossy paint on deep edge canvas, edges dark. Colours are dark purples, magenta, red, orange and yellow. This painting is multifaceted and glitters like a stained glass window as you move around it. 40 x 30 inches

Woodland path to somewhere wonderful

This painting takes you to wherever you want to go - it is escapism in its purest sense. It is based on a real place near East Grinstead in Sussex. I am pleased with it as it is an accurate reflection of the impressions I got walking along this path on October last year. That path led to the Bluebell railway eventually - this one does not. 40 x40 inches. SOLD

Autumn alchemy

A 40 x 50 inch large original oil painting of a sunset in autumn in an English forest. A stag and his wives wander across the canvas and the stag stands looking out at us as by a path which leads to a gap in the trees which is filled with light. The colours are very vibrant autumn colours ranging from purples through crimson, magenta, orange, yellow and white. The style is expressionist, impressionist and even a little art nouveau. It is a painting about light and colour and the sheer overwhelming gorgeousness of autumn. I got lost lost in this painting which is inspired by the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. One day I will disappear into a forest like this and find exactly what I am looking for. Probably.

The lone ranger rides out into the deep blue sea

40 x 40 inches large oil painting on canvas of a fish underwater in a blue ocean. The fish is a Thread Fin Butterfly Fish and has a black mask over his eyes (like the Lone Ranger). The water of the sea is very blue and turquoise and sparkling and the light patterns shimmer through the waves onto the bottom of the sandy sea bed. The fish is intent on his given course. He has plenty of time and plenty of space and his mission is his own. This is an 'escape whenever you feel like it' painting. It is expressionist, impressionist, fine art and realistic in style and being an oil painting, the colours change and radiate in different fascinating ways as the sun changes throughout the day.

The hart of summer

A red and green oil painting on deep edge canvas, edges white, frame unnecessary. A deer stag stands at the entrance to elsewhere with a field of red poppies before him and green trees behind him. Painted in an Impressionist, Expressionist style, the red and green play off of each other to create a painting that appears to vibrate as you look at it. It was inspired by walk I took on the Sussex Downs in Summer of 2015. If I ever find that path I will follow that deer to wherever he goes..

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