Gill Bustamante
I paint large original oil paintings on canvas and my subjects are modern contemporary landscape paintings, seascape paintings, woodland paths, Sussex meadows and animal paintings, paintings about the sky, trees, forests, wildflowers and nature generally.
Gill Bustamante
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Autumn Alchemy

From Gill Bustamante

Added 4 years ago on Gill Bustamante - Artist
Autumn Alchemy

Gill Bustamante - Artist

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A 40 x 50 inch large original oil painting of a sunset in autumn in an English forest. A stag and his wives wander across the canvas and the stag stands looking out at us as by a path which leads to a gap in the trees which is filled with light. The colours are very vibrant autumn colours ranging from purples through crimson, magenta, orange, yellow and white. The style is expressionist, impressionist and even a little art nouveau. It is a painting about light and colour and the sheer overwhelming gorgeousness of autumn. I got lost lost in this painting which is inspired by the Ashdown Forest in Sussex. One day I will disappear into a forest like this and find exactly what I am looking for. Probably.

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