Gill Bustamante
I paint large original oil paintings on canvas and my subjects are modern contemporary landscape paintings, seascape paintings, woodland paths, Sussex meadows and animal paintings, paintings about the sky, trees, forests, wildflowers and nature generally.
Gill Bustamante
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The Lone Ranger Rides Out Into The Deep Blue Sea

From Gill Bustamante

Added 4 years ago on Gill Bustamante - Artist
The Lone Ranger Rides Out Into The Deep Blue Sea

Gill Bustamante - Artist

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40 x 40 inches large oil painting on canvas of a fish underwater in a blue ocean. The fish is a Thread Fin Butterfly Fish and has a black mask over his eyes (like the Lone Ranger). The water of the sea is very blue and turquoise and sparkling and the light patterns shimmer through the waves onto the bottom of the sandy sea bed. The fish is intent on his given course. He has plenty of time and plenty of space and his mission is his own. This is an 'escape whenever you feel like it' painting. It is expressionist, impressionist, fine art and realistic in style and being an oil painting, the colours change and radiate in different fascinating ways as the sun changes throughout the day.

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