Gill Bustamante
I paint large original oil paintings on canvas and my subjects are modern contemporary landscape paintings, seascape paintings, woodland paths, Sussex meadows and animal paintings, paintings about the sky, trees, forests, wildflowers and nature generally.
Gill Bustamante
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Woodland Path To Somewhere Wonderful

From Gill Bustamante

Added 5 years ago on Gill Bustamante - Artist
Woodland Path To Somewhere Wonderful

Gill Bustamante - Artist

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This painting takes you to wherever you want to go - it is escapism in its purest sense. It is based on a real place near East Grinstead in Sussex. I am pleased with it as it is an accurate reflection of the impressions I got walking along this path on October last year. That path led to the Bluebell railway eventually - this one does not. 40 x40 inches. SOLD


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