Josie Lee

My compositions are made up of acrylic, heavy paste work and mixed media. I work with a rich palette and my paintings often include tales within a tale where humour is seldom absent from my work. I love to create tableaux of life in a community, where each time you look you find yet another character up to mischief, with adults, children and animals constantly upstaging each other! My art is a source of joy to me and I hope that your discovery of this art might also give you cause to smile.
Josie Lee
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  • Marilyn S Hello Josie, Still new to WonderStreet and keep having a look at other artists. You are the first contact I have made. I love your colourful paintings and that they tell a story and they certainly cheered me up on a very wet and gloomy day. Best wishes, Marilyn Spence 4 years ago..

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  • Josie L Hi Marilyn and thank you! I'm delighted my work has put a smile on your face - long may it last! 4 years ago..

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