Julia Everett

I am an abstract painter inspired by nature and music, particularly land, sea and space. I love pure colour and my paintings are heavily influenced by beauty in the natural world. I paint from memory rather than life and each painting is an emotional response to a sensory experience. I always listen to music when painting and feel that this has a strong influence on the finished work. I choose my painting titles from songs and I feel that using lyrics as a title gives the painting extra depth.
Julia Everett
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Starlight, starbright
Price for original painting: $652
Size: 70 H x 70 W cm

Price for original painting: $1042
Size: 100 H x 100 W cm

Tomorrow never knows
Price for original painting: $782
Size: 80 H x 80 W cm

For always
Price for original painting: $2606
Size: 152.5 H x 152.5 W cm

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