Laurence Pusey
Holidays in Greece awakened me to a use of a high colour key, looking at one of my paintings should be an experience. I like to use pattern while retaining depth and landscape.
Laurence Pusey
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Crimson morning
Size: 24 H x 28 W inches

The abstract crimson leaves contrast with the misty morning colours contrasting the red with the colder dawn tints

Red berries. hanover square £600
Size: 20 H x 24 W inches

These autumnal berries immediately seized my attention

Scarlet crocosmia £450
Size: 16 H x 19 W inches

The yellow locust tree £450
Size: 14 H x 15 W inches

I loved the brilliant yellow contrasting with the sky and a low landscape to balance it

Chess set

Complete set of hand made chessmen. the king is about 3 inch high. with wooden box but no board

The field
Size: 6 H x 4 W inches

Very simple but i'm pleased with the effect and contrast. £225

The hay meadow
Size: 32 H x 40 W inches

Painted using a 2 inch brush, getting back to my expressionist days £500

Cyprus, coastal fields
Size: 8 H x 8 W inches

One of a new series of small oils allowing more spontaneity oil on board £185

Seated woman with shawl
Size: 10 H x 6 W x 6 inches

Height 10 inch. clay,acrylic, graphite £300

Seated woman
Size: 13 H x 5 W x 5 inches

Fired clay with an acrylic finish. the figure sits upon a stool making a compact form £350

There is the moon
Size: 8 H x 8 W inches

An icon moon hangs in a clear blue sky above wild foliage price includes frame £185

Silhouette of dreams
Size: 24 H x 18 W inches

The outline used in drawings does not exist in nature but here there really is an outline produced by the back lighting which also causes the model's hair to put her face into profile. framed and under glass £400 24 x 18 inch

Sunset over the nile
Size: 23 H x 27 W inches

The setting sun catches the flooding waters with magical colour 27 x 23 inch. £550. sold

Kneeling woman with plait
Size: 14 H x 7 W inches

£300. 12 inches high.

Healing in its wings
Size: 24 H x 20 W inches

This biblical scene is ambiguous. £350

The flower border
Size: 15 H x 16 W inches

16 x 15 inch. £400.

Midnight moon
Size: 20 H x 24 W inches

A rather remote landscape becomes magical with the full moon shining through the line of saplings £400

Allium with a red tree
Size: 22 H x 26 W inches

I loved the blue round allium coming forward from the tree and yellow background £450

Sunrise in the park
Size: 18 H x 24 W inches

The fresh new day sun bursting through leaves of this young sapling transforms it into the tree of life . £400 sold

Sand dunes; the gower
Size: 23 H x 27 W inches

Oil on board 27 x 23 inch. £450 the expanse of yellow sand contrasted with lowering sky and detail of the marram grass combine well to make this a popular view inspired by a one of the gower beaches. sold

Sunlit tree
Size: 59 H x 40 W inches

The sun breaking through the leaves is always something i want to paint. here also there's the shadows and patterns on the ground. its actually a car park but the play of light transforms it into rhapsody. £650 oil on canvas

Sand, sea and sky
Size: 23 H x 29 W inches

Oil on board 29 x 23 inch. sold here the oil paint is applied very thinly so that the white ground reflects through making the colour more luminescent. the process is thought of more as a water colour technique. i'm really pleased with it.

Lavender fields provence
Size: 18 H x 18 W inches

Oil on canvas 18 x 18 inch. £400

Queen anne’s lace
Size: 22 H x 23 W inches

Oil on board 23 x 22 inch. sold

Water meadow at dawn

Oil on canvas 30 x 30 inch.

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