Lesley Carruthers
Solitude, space, peace, nature, privacy. The company of a few good friends.Walking in the hills.
Lesley Carruthers
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Take a deep breath

Bronze, green patination with polished bronze edges on both sides. Available without a base, with black Corian base, illustrated, or with natural unpolished oak base.

Height 51cm, limited edition of 15.

Opposites attract

Bronze, penny bronze patination with polished bronze edges on two sides. The original aluminium version of this piece is also available as a unique sculpture.

Height 62cm, limited edition of 15, on black Corian base.


Bronze, penny bronze patination. Height 21cm, weight 6kg, limited edition of five.


Bronze, penny bronze finish. Unique original piece. Height 60cm.


Cast aluminium with a touch of blue, on polished black Corian base. Height 47cm. Unique original piece.

Five forms relating

Cast aluminium. Unique original piece.

Length 79cm, width 19cm, height 29cm.

The space within 4

Cast aluminium, with gold paint, on granite base.

height 59 cm. Unique original piece.

Lacrimae rerum 3

Cast aluminium with a touch of green spirit stain on granite base.

Height 31cm. Unique original piece.

The space within 2

Cast in solid aluminium with gold paint and green spirit stain on granite base.

Height 37cm. Unique original piece. Weight 13kgs.

Time traveller

Carved from Lincolnshire Limestone on granite base.

Height 46cm. Weight 17kg. Unique original piece.


Cast aluminium with black powder coating drenched in gold sprinkles and baked on.

Height 66cm, length 36cm, depth 20cm. Unique original piece.


Carved from Ancaster limestone and mounted on slate.

Height 27cm. Weight 8kg. Unique original piece.

Now is a good time

Aluminium, height 2.2m. Unique, original piece, apart from the artist's proof, which is concreted in the artist's garden.

Spinning silently 3

Cast Aluminium, with baked on black powder coating with sparkles, on oak plinth. Height 168cm including plinth. Unique original piece.

Spinning silently 7

Cast aluminium, with a touch of blue paint, on oak plinth. Height 111cm including plinth. Unique original piece.

In the beginning

Cast aluminium two-part piece, approx. diameters 60 cm, outside coated in clear laquer, inside gold paint. Unique original piece.

Amaryllis double

Oil on canvas 30 x 120cms.


Oil on canvas 40x50cms.

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