Mark Langley
Mark Langley Draws and Paints stunning but intricate works of Animals, Architecture and Landscapes. Full time Professional Artist and works from Belper, Derbyshire studio. Original work sells in galleries and art fairs, commissions undertaken. (Find the Wonderstreet interview with Mark Langley here)
Mark Langley
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Cut hay at wormhill
Size: 36 H x 36 W cm

A Derbyshire Peak District view and my first landscape in years. Watercolour painting.

Walls at the top of tansley dale
Size: 42 H x 42 W cm

A Derbyshire Peak District landscape with typical limestone walls. Watercolour painting.

Pilsbury hawthorn
Size: 33 H x 48 W cm

A Peak District landscape featuring a hawthorn on the Derbyshire side of the county divide of the River Dove with Staffordshire. Watercolour painting.

Pavilion reflection
Size: 38 H x 51 W cm

Awarded The Derbyshire Trophy purchased top prize in The Derbyshire Open Art Competition 2017. On Exhibition from 24th June until 1st September. Watercolour painting.

Hazelwood sunset trees
Size: 30 H x 30 W x 1.5 cm

A Derbyshire landscape. Oil on canvas

Hawthorn blossom
Size: 30 H x 30 W x 1.5 cm

A Peak District hawthorn in heavy May flower blossom.

In the shadow of a calke park tree
Size: 80 H x 80 W x 1.5 cm

Tree with filtered light and shadow in the National Trust Derbyshire parkland. Oil on canvas.

Summer shade at st peter's
Size: 42 H x 42 W cm

Buxton Spa Prize entry for 2017. Watercolour painting.

Mackworth hedge junction
Size: 48 H x 24 W cm

Derbyshire landscape. Watercolour painting of a local hedge and the colours.

Tracks through the barley
Size: 40 H x 50 W cm

Derbyshire landscape. Oil on canvas.

Shottle tree shadow
Size: 50.5 H x 40.5 W x 1.5 cm

Derbyshire landscape. Oil on canvas.

In the shadows of alderwasley park
Size: 40 H x 100 W cm

Derbyshire parkland trees. Oil on canvas

Lees barn
Size: 36 H x 60 W cm

A Derbyshire Peak District landscape, 2016. Watercolour painting.

Liffs road patchwork
Size: 30 H x 48 W cm

A view at Biggin and a trypical Derbyshire Peak District landscape. Watercolour painting.

Rivener's view
Size: 58 H x 36 W cm

Buxton Spa Prize 2016 entry which won 3 prizes, Highly Commended, Buxton Festival Choice and People's Choice. Original watercolour painting by Mark Langley Fine Artist. Watercolour painting.

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