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New forest
Size: 63.8 H x 61.8 W x 2 inches

Acrylic on canvas.

Cornwall rocks sketch
Size: 53 H x 60 W cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Cap d'antibes no.5
Size: 140 H x 210 W cm

Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Chapel by the sea

122 x 91cm.


110 x 84cm.

Aserswell no.1

67 x 50cm.

Deep seaspray no.2

126 x 108cm.

The last emerald

141 x 127cm.

Pointing home

152 x 92cm.


165 x 120cm.

Misty tree

88 x 66cm.

Transparent azur

Red and blue roots

158 x 122cm.

From the worm no.3

220 x 120cm.

Cap d'antibes, west no.5
Size: 97 H x 152 W cm

152 x 97cm.

Hill top tree no.2
Size: 80 H x 120 W cm

120 x 80cm.

Red and blue
Size: 140 H x 210 W cm

210 x 140cm.

Burton bradstock no.6
Size: 102 H x 152 W cm

152 x 102cm.

Emerald pebbles

90 x 65cm.

Wyming brook no.5

152 x 152cm.

Seaspray rocks no.12

122 x 96cm.

Lon ban no.6

90 x 90cm.

Sligachan no.8

40 x 40cm.

Sligachan no.7
Size: 40 H x 40 W x 5 cm

40 x 40cm.

Òr albannach
Size: 123 H x 180 W x 5 cm

180 x 123cm.

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