Mila Moroko

I get inspiration from absolutely anything and everything, whether it be something I see, or even emotions. My styles and techniques are constantly changing and I find that each painting provides me with even more ideas for the next. I am convinced that the thirst of beauty lies deep in human nature, and artists can make this world a bit better by bringing some piece of light, color and art to our everyday life. I paint landscapes and life forms that promise better times and places.
Mila Moroko
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Autumn bouquet and apples
Price for original painting: $619
Size: 22 H x 18 W x 1.8 inches

An aperture
Price for original painting: $554
Size: 70 H x 100 W x 4 cm

White valley
Price for original painting: $358
Size: 24 H x 32 W x 3/4 inches

Spring morning
Price for original painting: $306
Size: 20 H x 28 W x 3/4 inches

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