Ornately Lanterns
I LOVE rich, intense colour and striking colour combinations.
Ornately Lanterns
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Clare Likes



Pen and watercolour wash. SO,D

When cows come home for christmas

Details: Publisher : Orchard Children's Books. Publication : 2006.

Woolly thistle

Hand printed reduction linocut 30x20cm.

Nosey cow

A very popular and wide spread image in print. Colour pencil and pencil drawing.

The steps

A mixed media piece of an impression of a scene in Lisbon. Box canvas signed LEP 23×16 inch ready to hang.

  • Mark L Really love coming back to your work for inspiration of why highly accomplished detailed work matters!

Portrait of anna in red

Pastel 30x40cm.


Commission sample. Colour pencil and pencil - 37 x 45 cm

Madonna and child (detail), study

Oil on Linen, 107 x 107 cm.

Sky and bess

Commission sample. Colour pencil and pencil - 34 x 47 cm

Maddie, darcy, stanley and arthur

Tides out again (robin hood's bay)

Hand printed reduction linocut 150x20cm.


Original artwork for sale. Prints published through Blutulip Publishing. Colour pencil and pencil - 36 x 36 cm


Commission sample. Colour pencil and pencil - 42 x 42 cm

Elderberry blossom

Unique Edition of 295 Image size - 9" x 24" Framed in silver and a white slip

Stable door ii

Original sold. Available as a 195 limited edition print. Colour pencil and pencil - 42 x 42 cm

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