Ornately Lanterns
I LOVE rich, intense colour and striking colour combinations.
Ornately Lanterns
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Ornately Lanterns Candle Holders

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Personalised candle holder, hand painted glass! love hearts for a memorial, weddings, birthday or ch
Size: 5 H x 8 W x 8 cm

"the last person you think about before you fall asleep is the one who truly owns your heart......." let them know by giving them a love heart ornately candle holder! so colourful & vibrant, they add a touch of love and cheer wherever they are placed - and you know that no one else will be giving the same gift!

Votive candle holder, hand painted - personalised! flower meditation, aligned to the heart & throat
Size: 5 H x 8 W x 8 cm

These english country roses are aligned to the heart and throat chakras. they symbolise: • welcome & hospitality • being prolific, blooming over & over again • finding new ways to express yourself.......

Hand painted candle holder

Handmade item. materials: glass candleholder, scented tealight, vitrail glass paint, chroma artists colour acrylic paint, candle holder, candleholder, glass candle holder, tealight holder, glass tealight.

Personalised votive holder
Size: 5 H x 8 W x 8 cm

Personalised candle holder - hand painted tealight holder! wedding table, party bags, glass painting, christmas decoration, holiday gifts

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