Silver teapot

A collection of Silver Teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Presented to explore the idea of shiny objects and how they reflect colour. I wanted this image to primarily be this beautiful blue colour. I wanted the focus to be the objects with a softer and abstracted surroundings. Its a beautiful painting and will work in almost any home context.

Chilllies deep red

One of a series investigating how reds of all different types can create the realistic glow of these Chillies. From a distance they look almost photographic and then you see them up close and realise its a painting. Have no fear about it being in your kitchen - They are all varnished and can be wiped down easily with a light soap and cloth. Oil paintings and resilient.


Locally to us we have a fantastic Wine Bar called Cellar Magnieval. They donated me a load of corks and i've been photographing them for paintings in my repetition of shapes style. I'm really pleased with the outcome of this corks painting. It has a great glow about it in different lights. Painting at varying times of day helps to layer the colour ranges. These paintings are designed to look photographic from a distance and then close up it is most certainly a painting. I'm interested in the work on Hans Holbein and his style. It comes ready to hang unframed. Which gives it a clean look.

Somewhere after

Installation 2016, Lafayette College.

Somewhere after

Installation At Lafayette College, 2016.

Lounge - lewes

Women's clothes shop







Billboard paper, 600(w) x 413(h) cm.

Flotsam box - slots

Sterling silver, 18ct gold, oak wood, enamel paint & sea-washed china. 7 x 7 x 8 cm.

Drawn in

Digital photographic installation printed onto dibond.

Bathroom refurbishment

This bathroom originally had a bath which was removed to create a spacious walk in shower. The whole room was totally gutted and a built in gloss white sink and toilet unit was added for storage.

Bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom refurbishment

Bathroom refurbishment

Section of purple and gold resin

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