I recently started painting - I usually try to be amusing or bemusing because there are already many really good artists out there doing "normal" things & I am a beginner. I have tried a few normal subjects though - for the hell of it. I also like making & fixing things and am currently making detailed plans for a sub 1 metre size Geobat (it will be a sort of flying sculpture - round aircraft powered by cylindrical ducted fan)
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Size: 50 H x 40 W x 1 cm

Part of a kitchen seen in a kettle.

Kalinin k-7
Size: 40 H x 50 W x 1 cm

The 7 engined version of konstantin kalinin's 1930s behemoth of an aeroplane. the wings were thick enough to stand up iinside.

Devil devil i defy thee
Size: 25 H x 31 W x 1.5 cm

An old narrow gauge loco simmers away at night

The scream (moments later)
Size: 20 H x 25 W x 0.1 cm

A quick watercolour for fun

Sproston green station
Size: 30 H x 55 W cm

Fictional homage to the charlatans and to two locos that i had models of when young

Size: 36 H x 43 W x 0.001 cm

Another flying train-like thingy in watercolour on paper.

The stf electric city car
Size: 25 H x 35 W x 2 cm

A quick sketch of my design - just for fun

The god of peace
Size: 40 H x 40 W x 2 cm

Acrylics on canvas

Size: 41 H x 51 W x 2 cm

A comment on the rise of technology as well as treatment of women by some.

Airshow vulcan
Size: 41 H x 51 W x 2 cm

Acrylics on a stretched canvas - varnished

Size: 51 H x 40 W x 2 cm

The latest in my "gods" series acrylics on stretched canvas

Delivery by drone
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

It can happen - and lithium polymer batteries really do that!

Bitville nv
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

A desert town or part of the planetary cosmic super computer?

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 2 cm

Inspired by the shark-like front of peugots and the "face" of other cars.

Ship shape
Size: 51 H x 40 W x 2 cm

The finished work mounted on a canvas. the aero and hydrodynamic parts of vessels reflected/doubled to give this. from the top: a dhow, a tug, a fin keel yacht, a thames barge, a ketch, a cargo ship.

  • Tom H I so much like the witty images you produce especially the sequences!

Shot or painted
Size: 15 H x 20 W x 0.1 cm

The eventual triumph of creativeness over destruction. small watercolour on a card.

Mystery object near to i.s.s.
Size: 22 H x 29 W x 0.1 cm

From the grainy oblique view of what briefly appeared on their live feed (before "video problems") i drew this 3-view. pencil and watercolour on distressed card.

Handy world map
Size: 30 H x 40 W x 2 cm

A stf projection showing no countries, boundaries or other artificial constructs of us humans. acrylics on an oval canvas.

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 2 cm

My only abstract so far - includes a mobius surface (travel around from any point and you will reach every part before eventually arriving at the start point). acrylics on canvas.

My god (not your god)
Size: 40 H x 40 W x 2 cm

The second in what will be a gods series. acrylics on canvas.

Size: 40 H x 50 W x 2 cm

The monster of nuclear power - inspired by an actual monster-like cloud in an image of a submarine launch. acrylics on canvas.

The origin of ties
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Android dudes in our distant past being left here to try out breathing tubes - the look was copied as ties and became fashion (but an uncomfortable one). acrylics on a small board.

Oops terribly sorry
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Or why i don't live too close to the sea. acrylics on a small board.

Fishing with bait
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

You never know what is lurking beneath the waves. acrylics on a small board.

Musical sea power
Size: 25 H x 30 W x 0.2 cm

Acrylics on a small board.

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