Susan Tracey
Susan Tracey
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I want (?) to be just like you

This artwork contrast natural uncontrolled beauty of twigs to factory made, perfect poles that twigs turned to in order to become


Caroline gardens chapel no. 3

Limited Addition Print.



Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 90x90cm

Small road to crotoy


Cocker spaniel

Material: Cold Cast Bronze. Height : Life Size.


Almond tree in andalucia #2

Oil on canvas 46 x 61cm. An almond grove in Andalucia. The pale jade coloured complex foliage was a fascinating challenge.


Harbour horizon

'courtship' no.301

130x97 cm.

Birds in beech tree

10 year low

Lino cut.

"colt" sculpture

A chic home isn't one full of museum-worthy bronzes, it's filled with sculptures that emulate them. Liberating! Textural poly-resin sculpture. Dimensions: 61(l) x 21(w) x 48(h)cm Leadtime: Now In Stock!

The fall

Unique Edition of 95. Image size - 30" x 30". Framed in silver with white slip.


Solid the spaces

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