Suzette Datema
I love life in all it's facets. Beautiful things makes me happy whether I own it look at it or make doesn't matter. I love creating art and hopes to spread Happiness with it. Art is my joy and sanity in life.
Suzette Datema
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Portrait of anna in red

Pastel 30x40cm.

Les cuistots

Farm path

Pastel 30x40cm.

Hot and cold

Time traveller

Writer michail shishkin

Oil on Linen, 103 x 98 cm.

Astray 2

Painting, Panel / Board / MDF.

As the storm blows over

Oil on Linen, 100 x 100 cm.


Hot and cold

Doll's house
Price for original painting: $2345
Size: 45 H x 35 W cm

  • Al K I always get the feeling that something is about to happen in Chris's paniting but you don't know what. Brilliant! 4 years ago..

    Like this comment 1


Sunrise hare serving trays from the artist collection at jacqui joseph designs
Size: 56 H x 56 W cm

Proudly made in the UK.

Morgana le fay

Wild and free

Unique Edition of 95. Image size - 35" x 35". Framed in blue / silver with white slip.

Come away, come away-peter pan

Unique Edition of 295. Image size - 32" x 35". Framed in silver / blue with white slip.

Alice study

Unique Edition of 75. Image size - 14" x 14". Framed in silver / blue with white slip.

The mad hatters tea party

Unique Edition of 295. Image size - 41" x 30". Framed in silver / blue with white slip.

Alice down the rabbit hole

Unique Edition of 195. Image size - 18" x 37". Framed in silver with white slip.


Image size - 30'' x 30''.

The lady of shalott


A celtic twilight

Kerry Darlington first release from her Autumn Collection 2015.

The wise one

Kerry Darlington New January Release.

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