'Painting is my primary connection and exploration of the outside world. These personal versions are referenced through emotions, reactions, memories; interior landscapes made visable. I seek a dialogue of land and sky, light and line.' Paintings on canvas and on paper are primarily acrylic paint, and a variety of media; watercolour, gouache, pastel, chalks, coloured pencil, graphite and metallics.
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Thorie Likes


Mindful (joe)

Commission for a 40th birthday present Colour pencil and pencil - 48 x 24 cm.

There was a silence

Snow white & rose red

Dragon mist

Castle of serpents

  • Mark L Very Edward Burne-Jones. Really effective! Have you visited Leighton House Museum?


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 30x30cm

The grey sky lowers

Mixed media on canvas 30 x 30cm

Persha on the moonstone

One man and his dog

Polar mother and cub


Large scale seascape Paper size: 70cm x 100cm (includes white border) Frame size: 74cm x 104cm


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 90x90cm

Lavinia & hannah

18 x 8cm, stoneware clay.

Five whiskers

Colours: 4 colour linocut (2 blocks). Edition No: 22. Print area size: 15 x 10cm.

The road not taken

Celtic mermen


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 90x90cm



Steves sluts wall mural solo exhibition

Doll's house

  • Al K I always get the feeling that something is about to happen in Chris's paniting but you don't know what. Brilliant!


Oils and Mixed Media on Canvas 30x30cm

Gold sky

Oil on Board | 45cm x 41cm including frame size.

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